Affordable taxi’s to the UsambaraMountains / Lushoto

Coming an going to the Usmabara Moutnains is easy. Many express buses are passing between Arusha and Dar es Salaam or you can go by train and we are happy to pick you from Mombo or Lushoto. Alternatively you can take an affordable taxi. we are using small 4×4 3 seat taxi’s or for more people 7 seat mini buses. Below find the rates

The rules
1. Find the taxi you want from below.
2. Book your hotel or trip and add your taxi request
3. Your hotel will connect you with the driver
4. Your hotel will take care to have a reliable. English speaking,    driver in a good car
5. The agreement is between you and the driver
6. If it is not included in the hotel booking you pay direct to the driver in Tzs, cash or by Mobile money.
7. If agreed your hotel will try to share your taxi to make it cheaper.

Prices in Tzs ( 1 USD = Tzs 2300 (level Feb 2021)

Vist the Usambara Mountains